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Cooking Class Schedule

How the classes work:

All classes are held at 188 Burnett Avenue.  Classes are 3 hours in length, are hands-on,  include a recipe booklet to take home and a full meal.  Classes are either held on Saturdays from 10am.-1pm. or Thursday evenings 6:30pm-9:30pm.  Cost per person per class is $75 plus tax. To register please call 416-939-6045 or email info@maplehern.com

All classes start with a light snack and beverage while we discuss the recipes.  Health and wellness classes (classes in green)  will include  a one hour talk including an opportunity for questions and answers.  Then  we will head to the kitchen and make 4-5 dishes that relate to the class topic.  This portion will be hands on cooking where we will all work together to make the recipe.  Finally (and the best part!!), we will sit down to a lovely meal together.

SATURDAYS (10:00AM – 1:00PM):

September 14th Cooking with herbs

Whether your garden is overflowing or you can’t resist the beautiful bounty at the farmers market, now is the time to learn how utilize and store those fresh herbs to be able to enjoy all year long.  In this class we will discuss a variety of herbs, how to store them and what types of foods they go best with.  Menu:  squash soup with sage and thyme, mint and parsley tabbouleh, oregano and chive chimichurri chicken, roasted vegetable with basil pesto and feta, rosemary and orange cake. 


September 28th  Fermenting and Sprouting at home

Sprouting and Fermenting are two types of cooking techniques that increase the nutritional quality of the food.  Sprouting involves soaking seeds, nuts, legumes or grains to soften the hull and allow sprouts to grown.  The benefit of doing this increases nutrient level and digestibility of the food. Fermenting involves using salt to create an environment where beneficial bacteria will grow.  Eating this food is highly nutritious as it helps feed your gut bacteria which is has numerous health benefits (which we will discuss!!).  Menu: kombucha (fermented tea), sauerkraut (make a jar to take home), simple fermented pickles, sprouted chickpea falafel patties, sprouted mung bean tabbouleh.


October 5th Satisfying Salads          

When the weather turns cold, I still want my salad but now they need to be heartier and satisfying.  Here are a few of my favourites:  Thai steak salad, warm potato lentil salad, Mediterranean tuna and bean salad, and a Vegan Kale Caesar with chickpea croutons.


October 26th Chez Laurent Classics

Recipes from our beloved restaurant will be featured in this class.  Even though the restaurant is gone these recipes have stood the test of time.  They are easy to make and so delicious. 

Menu: eggplant Parmesan, house salad, chicken with mushroom marsala sauce with yellow rice and squash and for dessert, Tiramisu.


November 9th Hearty Vegetarian Weeknight Meals

Whether or not you are vegetarian it can be beneficial to have a few plant based meals per week.  This class will feature recipes that can be made on a weeknight and are filling and satisfying, not to mention delicious! Menu include:  Lentil Sheppard’s pie, squash, corn and black bean chili, chickpea curry, quinoa stuffed Portobello mushrooms, ratatouille shakshuka

November 16th Flavours of North Africa

This class will feature the unique cuisine of North Africa.  This cuisine blends sweet and savoury with floral notes.  This is a sure way to spice up your cooking and impress friends and family.

Menu: Lablabi soup (Tunisian chickpea soup with Harissa), couscous with seven vegetables, chermoula chicken and  m’hanncha (phyllo “snake” cake with almond filling).

November 23rd Tacos and Tres Leche

Flavours of Mexico are on the menu for this class.  Menu includes: sheet pan crispy chicken or fish tacos, braised brisket tacos, pico de gallo salsa, spicy slaw and mouth-watering tres leche cake for dessert.


November 30th Your Digestive Health

Gas, bloating heartburn, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea are the most common symptoms I hear from clients.  This class will help you understand gut health and the digestion process so you can best determine how to minimize or even eliminate these uncomfortable symptoms.  What, when and how you eat plays a crucial role in your gut health.  Full meal and recipes are included.


Classes are held at 188 Burnett Avenue (near Yonge and Sheppard). 

Call  416-939-6045 to register  Fee is payable upon registration.


Please note there are no refunds or cancellations once registered.  You may however, send someone in your place.  Maplehern Cooking School reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a class.  Please note that by registering for a class at Maplehern Cooking School you agree to release the school and or its representatives from all responsibility for any injury, loss or damage, however caused, that may be sustained by you or any other person attending the school