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Combining my passions

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

Why I combined my love of food and passion for health and wellness

Welcome to my first blog post!! I feel it is fitting to begin by telling you all a little about myself and my food philosophy. I was born into a foodie family with an Italian father who was a chef and ran his own restaurants. My mom quickly found her role running the front of the house (although also an amazing cook) while my dad cooked in the kitchen. We had restaurants in Monte Carlo, South Africa, Florida and in Toronto, Canada.

My sister and I were fully involved in the family business from a very young age. I always joke that my parents never had children they had employees! This type of upbringing led to an absolute love of food and cooking. My father always insisted on fresh ingredients and using real food, where everything was made from scratch. I use this philosophy today in my cooking. Use the highest quality ingredients, at their peak of freshness (in season) and then only minimal cooking and seasoning is needed to bring out its best flavour.

My parents also planted the seed of food as medicine. If we caught a cold we had a bowl of garlic soup, if our stomach was upset we ate plain rice. They taught us about fermented food like yogurts, certain cheese and sauerkraut to help with various ailments. We always turned to a food to feel better before medicine. That led me to continue my education in holistic nutrition. At school I understood the scientific reasoning behind natural healing and why foods can be so powerful for optimal health. I knew that I wanted to share this information with as many people as I could because I realized just how powerful this knowledge is. We really all have the power to live with vitality naturally.

Ultimately, knowing how to cook healthy nutritious food is a key component to feeling your best. It is the only way of knowing exactly what you are eating. Most importantly cooking does not need to be complicated and overly time consuming for it to be good for you. Below is a short video from Michael Pollan that describes this idea specifically. let me know what you think in the comments below!

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